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Chicken: Sources and Resources

There are many popular websites and YouTube channels where you can learn about chicken keeping for a homestead. Here are some of the top ones:


  1. BackYard Chickens (www.backyardchickens.com): A comprehensive online community and resource for all things chicken-related, from beginner’s guides to advanced tips.
  2. The Happy Chicken Coop (www.thehappychickencoop.com): Offers practical articles and advice on raising chickens in various settings, including homesteads.
  3. The Old Farmer’s Almanac (www.almanac.com): Provides valuable information on raising chickens and other farming practices, based on traditional knowledge.
  4. Countryside Network (www.iamcountryside.com): Offers a variety of articles on poultry and homesteading, including tips on raising chickens.
  5. University Extension Websites: Many universities have agricultural extension programs with helpful resources for raising chickens. Search for your local university’s extension website for region-specific information.

YouTube Channels:

  1. Cobb Creek Farm (www.youtube.com/c/cobbcreekfarm): A channel that covers various aspects of raising chickens and other animals on a homestead.
  2. Homesteady (www.youtube.com/c/homesteady): Offers practical tips and advice on homesteading, including chicken keeping.
  3. Art and Bri (www.youtube.com/c/ArtandBri): A homesteading channel that covers topics like raising chickens, building coops, and sustainable living.
  4. Becky’s Homestead (www.youtube.com/c/beckyshomestead): Provides informative videos on homesteading, including raising chickens.
  5. Off Grid with Doug and Stacy (www.youtube.com/c/OffGridwithDougandStacy): Covers a wide range of homesteading topics, including keeping chickens.

Always remember that new channels and websites may emerge, and some older ones may change or become inactive. Be sure to check the latest content and reviews to ensure you’re getting information from reliable and trustworthy sources. Enjoy your journey into chicken keeping on your homestead!

…and more:

Here is the best resource we found online: It’s a fun and entertaining Youtube Channel, yet full of information on keeping chicken without a lot of money:




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