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Deep Soil

Core (Sponge) Gardening

Another method that uses very little water in standard beds. Grass is used as a water sponge under the bed.

Core (Sponge) Gardening: Core Gardening, also known as Sponge Gardening, is a special way of growing plants that helps conserve water and keeps the soil healthy. The idea behind this method is to create a “sponge” in the soil that holds onto water and nutrients for the plants to use later.

In Core Gardening, a hole is dug in the ground where you want to plant something, like a flower or a vegetable. Then, you add some special materials to this hole, like compost (which is made from decayed plant and food waste), mulch (which is a layer of organic material like leaves or straw), and sometimes even a little water-absorbing gel.

These materials act like a sponge and soak up water when it rains or when you water the plants. As the weather gets hotter and drier, the sponge releases the water slowly to the plant’s roots, keeping them hydrated and healthy.

Deep Soil Gardening: Deep Soil Gardening is another cool gardening technique that helps plants grow better and stronger. The idea here is to create a deep and loose soil environment for the plants to spread their roots deep into the ground.

When you have deep soil in your garden, the roots of the plants can explore more and find more water and nutrients. This means the plants become more resistant to droughts and grow bigger because they have everything they need to thrive.

To make deep soil, gardeners use tools like shovels or tillers to loosen the ground, allowing air to enter and roots to move easily. They might also add compost or other organic matter to make the soil rich in nutrients.

In summary, both Core (Sponge) Gardening and Deep Soil Gardening are methods that help plants grow better by providing them with the right conditions. Core Gardening uses special materials to create a water-holding “sponge” in the soil, while Deep Soil Gardening focuses on creating a loose and nutrient-rich environment for plant roots to grow deep. These techniques make gardening more effective and environmentally friendly.

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