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How many chicken do you need?

How many chicken should you keep to feed your family or village?

Photo by Lukas on https://www.pexels.com/@goumbik/

Here we give simple calculations based on a village of 5 families and around 20 people.


5 families, thus 20 people, eat on average 1 egg per day = 20 eggs per day. Thus you need 30 egg laying chicken (not all lay an egg every day and you also need eggs to produce chicks)


2 chicken per family per week = 10 chicken per week or 40 per month.

Free range broilers take 3 months to grow. Thus you need 120 broilers growing up.

Thus you need 150 chicken. (Some need to lay eggs for broiler production).

So as a rough guide for every person you need 7-8 chicken.

A deep litter house measuring 6m x 11 m can hold 200 laying hens at a stock density of 3 birds/m2.


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